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David Lynch is writing and filming the Twin Peaks revival as one giant movie

David Lynch is writing and filming the Twin Peaks revival as one giant movie


Production is scheduled to start in September

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Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Thanks to David Lynch, the upcoming Twin Peaks revival on Showtime is going to take the idea of "cinematic television" to its logical conclusion. According to Showtime's president, David Nevins, Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost are writing and directing the series' return from one long script. They also plan to shoot it as one giant block, which means they'll be cutting it into discrete episodes in the editing room once they're finished. The series was originally supposed to run for nine episodes, but Nevins won't be sure how many blocks he'll be given until filming is complete. He might have to wait a while: production doesn't start until September, with the show premiering in either 2016 or 2017.

Twin Peaks' planned return to the air has been bumpier than most. Announced last October, it was thrown into jeopardy in April when Lynch pulled out of the project over a financial disagreement. Many of the show's original cast members made a video begging Lynch to rejoin the show, which was going to move to air without him, and he finally did so in May. To hear Nevins tell it, there aren't any hard feelings over the messy negotiation. He's just glad to have Twin Peaks coming to his network: "I'll take it when it's ready... I hope that's sooner rather than later," Nevins said.