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How the hell is there a Taylor Swift song in my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist?

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Update: Spotify explained that I'm seeing Taylor Swift in Discover Weekly because of a bug. (Check the update below for details.)

Taylor Swift's ill-fated romance with Spotify has been the subject of dozens of headlines and even more puns (mostly revolving around the motif of an "ill-fated romance," her musical expertise), and it's common knowledge that she wants nothing to do with the streaming service. Her entire catalog was pulled in November, and she dubbed the company "a startup with no cash flow [reacting] to criticism like a corporate machine" in a recent Vanity Fair interview.

So why, when I opened up Discover Weekly, Spotify's curation feature that drops personalized recommendation playlists into your desktop window once a week like a present, did I stumble across a Taylor Swift song?

taylor swift spotify

The song was "State of Grace" off of her 2012 album Red, an album which, like all of her albums, is not available on Spotify. The song, like all of her songs, is also not available on the service (the only exception being music that was contributed to movie soundtracks).

taylor swift spotify

To prove I'm not kidding, here's a live re-enactment of the discovery (please disregard my other recommendations, I've been listening to a lot of One Direction lately for personal reasons):

taylor swift spotify

Update August 11th 6:23 PM: Spotify has responded to our request for comment and stated that this is a bug in Discover Weekly, which allows it to occasionally accidentally list songs that aren't available to stream (whether because of the listener's geographic location or because the music was once in Spotify's catalog but was then removed). Because I have Taylor Swift's music on my hard drive, and Spotify searches that music and compares it to its database of "known music" (which includes things they once streamed but now cannot), I've hit on a rare combination of factors that both allows an unstreamable song to be listed in Discover Weekly and then also allows a local file to be pulled in and played.