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Tinder throws a Twitter fit over Vanity Fair article

Tinder throws a Twitter fit over Vanity Fair article


'The Tinder Generation is real.'

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Last week, Vanity Fair ran a feature story about hookup culture and the potentially damaging effects that apps like Tinder have on millennial relationships. The article was published under the headline "Tinder and the Dawn of the 'Dating Apocalypse,'" and Tinder wasn't very happy about it.

On Tuesday, the company spewed a torrent of angry and bizarre tweets aimed at journalist Nancy Jo Sales, who wrote the Vanity Fair piece. The meltdown began when Sales tweeted the results of a survey which showed that 30 percent of the app's users are married. Tinder contested those findings, and invited Sales to have a "factual conversation." The company then proceeded to completely lose its shit.

Over the course of some 30 tweets, Tinder tore apart the Vanity Fair article with the incisiveness of a hormonal teenager, claiming that Sales' story can't possibly be representative of Tinder's user base, and crying foul because she didn't talk to Tinder before publishing it. (Instead, she interviewed a lot of academics, experts, and 20-somethings who use the app.) It also disputed its reputation as a casual sex engine, writing that the app is actually used for "all kinds of reasons," including "a shit ton of marriages."

Also, why didn't Sales mention Instagram integration? Or Facebook authentication? Why didn't she speak to any of Tinder's unquantified users in North Korea, where the app is allegedly making connections despite the fact that the internet, for most North Koreans, doesn't even exist? These are Very Important Things that are changing the world, Tinder tweeted, and to exclude them from Sales' article is an affront to all of #GenerationTinder. Whatever that is.

"Highlights" are below.

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