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Electronic Sports League reveals list of drugs banned from e-sports

Electronic Sports League reveals list of drugs banned from e-sports

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Rob Stothard/Getty Images

After announcing plans to implement a drug testing policy last month, the Electronic Sports League has today published the full list of substances that e-sports players will be prohibited from using. ESL has coordinated with the World Anti-Doping Agency in choosing the forbidden drugs, which include obvious candidates like cocaine and steroids — things athletes in most every sport are barred from taking. And it also covers Adderall, which has risen to become a prevalent crutch for e-sports stars, according to one high-ranked Counter-Strike player. The prescription drug can help enhance reaction times and focus, which can obviously lend a hand in competitive multiplayer matches.

ESL says it's moved away from its original plan to conduct skin tests in favor of saliva tests. "Tests will be performed at our discretion at any time during tournament days, and will take place in a designated testing area," the league said on Reddit. "Naturally, player’s privacy comes first."

E-sports players with valid prescriptions for drugs like Adderall must notify ESL and provide a physician's note verifying the medication falls under legitimate use. Punishments for players who fail drug testing will be determined on a per-case basis and "range from getting prize money / tournament points deducted, to disqualification and up to a two year ban from ESL events." And if you're wondering about marijuana, ESL says it has no problems with players using it recreationally outside of events, but they're barred from using it on competition days.