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Robinhood launches its free stock-trading app on Android

The simple and stylish stock-trading app Robinhood has arrived on Android. Robinhood launched for the iPhone late last year, offering users a stripped-down overview of their portfolio and a fee-free way to buy and sell. In the time since, Robinhood says that it's brought on "hundreds of thousands" of customers, transferred $1 billion through its platform, and saved users a total of $22 million in trading commissions. It's been planning an Android app since way back then, and now the app's release has finally arrived.

Robinhood on Android is just as nice to look at as its iOS incarnation. The app is a sharp mixture of green and white, and stock info is displayed in a clean interface. Not much has changed on the app's way over to Android, but it has received all of the Material Design flourishes that you'd hope for. Robinhood's goal is to make stock trading much more accessible — naturally, launching on a huge platform like Android moves it a lot closer to that goal. For more on Robinhood, read our first look at the company when it launched.