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Galaxy Note 5 event: start time, live stream, and what to expect from Samsung Unpacked

Galaxy Note 5 event: start time, live stream, and what to expect from Samsung Unpacked

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Samsung is about to unveil two big new phones. Like, literally two large phones. At its Unpacked event in New York this morning, Samsung is expected to introduce the Galaxy Note 5 and a new version of the Galaxy S6 Edge called the S6 Edge Plus. Curious about what we know so far? Want to find out when all of the real details arrive? Keep on reading.

How to watch

Start time: San Francisco: 8AM / New York: 11AM / London: 4PM / Berlin: 5PM / Moscow: 6PM / Beijing: 11PM / Tokyo: midnight / Sydney: 1AM (Friday)

Live stream: Samsung will be broadcasting video of the event on its website.

Live blog: We'll be in New York posting updates and photos from the event as they come in. Follow along for the fastest updates around.

Live tweeting: Follow @Verge on Twitter to catch all our stories right as they've published.

What to expect

Image credit: Droid Life

Galaxy Note 5

Every year around this time, Samsung introduces a new version of the Galaxy Note, the stylus-toting phablet that made phablets a thing. This year, it's about to make the Note far nicer.

The Note 5 should be a much nicer looking Note

Leaks have pointed to the Note 5 getting a major design overhaul that'll bring it in line with the Galaxy S6. That means the Note 5 should have a sleek body made of metal and glass, rather than a mix of plastic and fake leather, like in recent versions.

The Note 5 is otherwise staying true to the line's standbys. It's supposed to stick with a 5.7-inch Quad HD display and come with a stylus that pops out of its bottom. The phone is supposed to keep the same 16MP camera resolution in back and move up to a 5MP camera in the front. It's expected to include an Octa-core processor, 4GB of RAM, and a 3,000mAh battery. Notably, the metal body means that this model likely won't accept microSD cards for expanded storage or include a removable battery. Those are downsides, but they should be more than balanced out by the improved build.

Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

This phone is basically what it sounds like: a larger version of the S6 Edge. As the leaked photo above shows, it's essentially Samsung's answer to the iPhone 6 Plus, serving as an alternative for people who like the size of the Note but don't want its stylus features.

Just imagine a giant S6 Edge

In fact, the S6 Edge Plus is supposed to be a lot like the Note 5. It'll have a 5.7-inch Quad HD display, with the obvious bonus of its screen wrapping slightly around its sides. It's supposed to have pretty much all of the same specs, too. That's not too surprising: both of these phones largely appear to be using what's already in the S6 and S6 Edge.

So why choose one over the other? That's something Samsung will have to explain, but chances are we'll see more features designed to take advantage of the Note's stylus and the S6 Edge's edges. We'll likely be playing with both phones pretty soon, too — Apple has its own announcements coming up, and it seems like Samsung is trying to get a word (well, two phones) in first.

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