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Samsung's 128GB Galaxy S6 is $599 today

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Not everyone needs or wants massive amounts of storage on their smartphone, but if you hate streaming your music and snap a lot of photos then this deal might be one for you. B&H is offering the Samsung Galaxy S6 with 128GB of storage for just $599.99 — slashing its list price by $400. Samsung said late last month that it was going to "adjust" the price of the S6 after disappointing earnings, but B&H's sale is still pretty notable. An S6 with 128GB of storage sells for $799.99 at Verizon and a little over $1,000 on Amazon. If you were already thinking of getting a Galaxy S6 then why not go for more storage? Otherwise you can check out our review from earlier this year. Hurry though, the B&H deal ends tonight at midnight ET.

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