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Start10 brings the old Windows 7 Start menu back to Windows 10

Start10 brings the old Windows 7 Start menu back to Windows 10

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Stardock made a name for itself in the ‘90s by providing skinning software to change the look of Windows. While most people have stopped applying ugly themes to Windows these days, Stardock's software now aims to improve Windows by providing some customization features that Microsoft has left out. Stardock started that in a big way with Windows 8 by reintroducing the Start menu and windowing for "Metro-style" apps, and it's continuing this week with a new app called Start10.

Like the name implies, Start10 brings some changes to the Start menu inside Windows 10. Microsoft has transformed its Windows 10 Start menu into a mix of Windows 7 and Windows 8, but Start10 returns it firmly to the days of Windows 7. If you're not a fan of Live Tiles then this might be the Start menu you're looking for. It's literally identical to Windows 7, complete with the search interface and all programs view.

Start10 screenshots


If you don't want your Start menu to look exactly like Windows 7 then there are options to switch to a modern look, and the ability to fully customize what the actual button looks like. You can even keep the Windows 10 Start menu and simply customize its look further or change the associated button.

If this was a free addition for Windows users then it would be easy to recommend for people wanting a little more customization of the Start menu. At $4.99 it's less of a deal unless you're really desperate to return to the Start menu days of Windows 7.