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The BMW Concept M4 GTS is an M4 on steroids — and you'll be able to buy it

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BMW has a reputation of releasing uprated M3s over the years, going all the way back to the legendary E30 of the ’80s and early ’90s. With some rare, watered-down exceptions, though — the E46 ZCP and E92 Lime Rock Park Edition, for instance — they haven't made it to the US. That changes with the new M4 GTS, being shown in concept form at Pebble Beach this week.

Like the last-generation M3 GTS, the Concept M4 GTS is focused on shaving weight and boosting power to help transform the car from a road machine into a road-track hybrid. It looks like BMW isn't talking exact numbers yet, but the GTS will get a boost over the standard M4's 425 horsepower thanks to water injection, which sprays a fine mist into the engine's intake manifold. That keeps it cooler, which allows the turbocharger to operate at higher boost without compromising reliability. (M3 engines have generally been reliable over the years, apart from a nasty issue early in the E46's run that eventually got fixed.)

Other performance-oriented changes on the GTS include a hood made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) — the same strong, ultra-lightweight material used extensively on the i3 and i8 — instead of aluminum, and a manually adjustable splitter and wing. (And, goodness, what a wing it is.)

The car is painted in a menacing, matte dark gray trimmed with orange, just to make sure everyone on the road realizes you're not driving a workaday M4. In back, the concept is fitted with the OLED taillights that BMW has been touting lately, though it's not clear whether they'll make it to the production model.

There's no word yet on exactly when this is going on sale, but it'll be a limited-production affair — so be ready to get your deposit in very, very quickly.