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Watch Lana Del Rey blow up a helicopter in 'High By the Beach'

Watch Lana Del Rey blow up a helicopter in 'High By the Beach'


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Lana Del Rey released her video for "High By the Beach," the latest single from her upcoming Honeymoon, this afternoon. It's dreamy and strange, with a beach house, aerial shots straight out of Grand Theft Auto, and a lovely (but snag-prone) baby blue robe on Lana, but let's be honest: you're not here for car porn and caftans.

You're here for Lana flipping through a tabloid like she's stuck in a supermarket line, dreaming of an afternoon spent blunted by the waves:

lana tabloids gif 2

And you're here for Lana grabbing a piece of exotic weaponry out of a hidden guitar case and blowing some airborne lurker to smithereens:

lana helicopter gif

Now that she's rid her local airspace of paparazzi watchdogs, Lana can finally start crossing off some of the other items on her summer to-do list:

  • Buy coffee beans and Chemex filters
  • Patch hole in robe
  • Purchase furniture for every room in the beach house, it's totally empty
  • Read "What is Code," it's been sitting in an open tab for months, she can do this
  • Refill ammunition
  • Catch up on Mr. Robot
  • Go for a swim
  • Get high by the... oh, you know

Here's to a productive vacation, Lana.