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Apple is having trouble pulling its internet TV service together

Apple is having trouble pulling its internet TV service together


The service's unveiling has been pushed back until 2016

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Apple is having some difficulty getting its long-awaited internet TV service off the ground. Bloomberg reports that, though Apple still wants to deliver live, local programming to customers, sources say talks with CBS, Fox, and NBC have stalled. Cord-cutters looking to Apple for an all-encompassing TV solution may have to wait until 2016 before a revolutionary new Apple TV service surfaces.

Apple doesn't yet have the network capacity to support internet TV

Apple reportedly intended on unveiling the subscription TV service at its upcoming September event, where it is expected to reveal its next, more powerful Apple TV set-top box. While the device itself will likely still get a refresh, the service is still a ways off. It's apparently more than just slow discussions with TV networks. While networks like CBS want more money to enable Apple's service, sources say Apple hasn't yet invested enough in increasing its network capacity to ensure a good viewing experience for customers. It's currently unclear when Apple's offering will materialize next year.

Recode reported earlier this year that the Apple internet TV service would be unveiled at WWDC in June. However, the unveil was pushed back shortly thereafter, all for the same reasons — negotiations progressing far slower than Apple would like. At present, competitors like Sony and SlingTV offer similar internet TV offerings. Apple's dream is to be the single portal for TV content in and beyond the living room. Making that dream a reality is clearly tougher than anticipated.