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Iron Maiden tours video game history in first new single in five years

Eddie the Head goes to the arcade

Eddie the Head, Iron Maiden's protean, undead mascot, is taking a trip through video game history in the music video for "Speed of Light" — the heavy metal outfit's first new single in five years. It's not a comprehensive tour by any means, but there are nods to games including Donkey Kong, side-scrolling shooters, and early beat 'em ups like Virtua Fighter. Oddly enough, this isn't even the first time Eddie has appeared in this format. In 1999, the band launched an actual playable video game starring the mascot named Ed Hunter alongside a greatest hits album and tour of the same name. Players had to shoot their way through various levels based on Iron Maiden album covers all while listening to the band's greatest hits. "Speed of Light" is the first track from the band's upcoming album The Book of Souls, which is due out September 4th this year.