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One of Europe’s biggest soccer teams now accepts tickets on Apple Watch and Android Wear

Oh, and Microsoft Band too

FC Porto

Using smartwatches as tickets for events and travel is by far one of their most convenient functions. (Telling the time is pretty cool too, I guess.) For that reason, it's heartening to see big brands and organizations embracing the technology as much as possible, as with the news this week that famed European soccer team FC Porto now offers entry to its stadium via Apple Watch, Android Wear devices, and even the Microsoft Band. That's an impressively broad church for any app, although this wide availability is undermined somewhat by the fact that the app is only available to annual "Dragon Seat" ticket holders. QR codes are used as tickets on both smartwatches and smartphones, and the apps also offer news about the club as well as information to help people find their seats in the stadium. It's a neat little package, and exactly the sort of use-case we'd like to see more of for smartwatches and (why not) the Microsoft Band as well.

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