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Adventure Time and Mad Max: Fury Road are a match made in Valhalla

Adventure Time and Mad Max: Fury Road are a match made in Valhalla

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Imagine a world gone mad after a nuclear holocaust. The landscape is utterly changed, littered with the ruins of an older civilization. An old man sits upon a throne in the mountains, stealing women and making them his wives. And a lone adventurer rides through this wasteland not for justice but to survive. That's a very basic summary of Mad Max: Fury Road's premise, but it's amazing how well it applies to Adventure Time, one of the most beloved cartoons of our era.

Land of Ooo meets George Miller's hellscape

Inspired by artist Ryan May's stunning fanart, Egor Zhgun's MADVENTURE TIME takes the characters from the Land of Ooo and plants them in George Miller's hellscape. Finn the Human is now Mad Finn, with Jake taking the role of trusty V8 Interceptor. Ice King is now Immortan Simon, the ruler of this world, leader of the War Lemons, and "husband" to the world's princesses. And it's up to Imperator Bubblegum and Mad Finn to save the day before Simon destroys them.

Is it a perfect fit? Not exactly! (For one thing, where's the Lich in all this?) But it's incredible how well the two properties work. You might say it's shiny and mathematical!