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I can't even with the headlights on this Lexus

I can't even with the headlights on this Lexus

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Look, I have a soft spot in my heart for Lexus. I've owned one — I think they make great cars of exceptional quality. But we need to have a talk about this refreshed GS that was just unveiled at Pebble Beach.

Lexus headlight

This headlight. This... headlight.

Lexus has been doubling down on its aggressively angry front fascias for the better part of a decade now — it's part of the company's "L-finesse" design language — but this is seriously next level. It's as if the designer got upset at the arbitrary rules imposed by three-dimensional space, recursively designing in chromed nonsense in the hope that something would poke through to a new Lexus Dimension where objects are defined in the Luxury, Technology, and Pursuit of Perfection axes.

If I take any comfort in this GS, it's in the knowledge that this headlight could be a turning point, because I don't know how you refresh it again to make it any more insane. It's just tapped out. The only option left is to reboot.

Please, Lexus. Reboot, before you open a hole to the Lexus Dimension that you can't close.

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