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DC Comics is making a workplace sitcom set in its superhero universe

*Jim Halpert face*

Just when you were starting to worry that the superhero universe hasn't quite taken advantage of every possible iteration of superhero-themed things, DC Comics has come to the rescue. The comic book publisher just inked a pilot deal with NBC for its half-hour, single-camera workplace comedy starring characters from the DC world, Deadline reports. That means it will be kind of like The Office, but Jim and Pam will have superpowers.

The show, called Powerless, will be about an average human man who just happens to be surrounded by superheroes and supervillains while working a crappy job at an insurance firm. There's no word yet on which DC characters will get screen time, but according to Deadline, you shouldn't expect to see Batman or Superman in the show.

I, for one, am looking forward to the day I can watch The Real Housewives of DC Comics.