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Motorola offers brief look at the new Moto 360

Motorola offers brief look at the new Moto 360

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Motorola hasn't yet announced its second-generation Moto 360 smartwatch, but a tweet from the company today hints that it's coming very soon. At first, the video seems like your typical Android Wear feature demo — but you're not looking at the regular old Moto 360 here. See where the band connects to the watch? That's pretty different from the first-gen model, and lines up nicely with a purported leak of the next Moto 360 from several months ago.

Unfortunately, whereas other Android Wear partners like Huawei and LG have figured out circular displays, Motorola is still sticking with the "flat tire" design from last year that drove some people mad. Aside from the clear aesthetic tweaks, we don't yet know what else is different about the new Moto 360. But the company likely plans to position this as the perfect companion for its Moto X (due on September 3rd) and Moto G, so we doubt it'll be long before the full unveiling.

Moto360 stock image

The original Moto 360 released last year.