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Adventure Time's creator is illustrating strange virtual reality concepts on Twitter

Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward is just as intrigued by the strange aesthetics of the Oculus Rift as the rest of us. Yesterday, he assumed a new Twitter persona — `+! VR INFORMER ¡+` — and announced he would only be tweeting about virtual reality for "a little while."

As The Next Web points out, Ward's project was inspired by some creative Oculus rigging he saw in a video:

And that kicked off a storm of other strange VR concepts. Like virtual reality alcohol consumption:

The virtual reality version of checking someone out:

And death in the time of virtual reality:

This isn't the first time Ward has repurposed his Twitter account as a place to experiment with new worlds. Last year, he illustrated an elaborate role-playing game he called Quest Attack. It's anyone's guess how long Ward will keep his new persona in place for, but we hope it's at least a little bit longer.