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If the Sunday comics section looked like this, we'd all be a little smarter

James Olstein

Learning about science can be tedious at times. Scientists aren't always the best communicators, and they can struggle to present their research in ways we laypeople understand. Sometimes you just need someone to break down all the complicated jargon for you — maybe with an added visual element to get the point across.

James Olstein, an illustrator in Philadelphia, is here to help with a fun Tumblr called Illustrated Science. Every day, Olstein lists a simple, yet kooky science fact he's researched, paired with one of his own retro-inspired vector designs. The pictures provide an aesthetic twist to the science trivia and aren't meant to be taken literally. So don't go thinking you can survive in space with just your swim trunks on.

Check out some of our favorites from Olstein's Tumblr below. Come for the pictures, stay for the learning.