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There's going to be a Darth Vader edition PlayStation 4

Here at D23 Sony just announced there there's going to be a new themed variant of the PS4 console — and that theme is Darth Vader himself. The console features an etching of Darth Vader's profile across the front of the console, and will come in two different bundles: one with the deluxe edition of Star Wars: Battlefront, and another with the "saga starter pack" edition of Disney Infinity 3.0. That version of Battlefront comes with some exclusive DLC, like Han Solo's blaster, while the Sony-exclusive saga starter pack features the Infinity playsets for both the prequel and original Star Warstrilogies, and comes with the Boba Fett Infinity action figure.

Perhaps even more enticing for long-time Star Wars gaming fans, the bundles will also come with download codes for four games that have been reworked to work on the console: Super Star Wars, Racer Revenge, Jedi Starfighter, and Bounty Hunter. Both bundles will be available on November 17th, with the Infinity version exclusive to Wal-Mart. Sony will also release a Battlefront bundle with a standard console that also includes the coupon for the four classic game downloads.