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Welcome to Verge Hack Week 2015

Welcome to Verge Hack Week 2015


You are now entering the Weirdo Zone

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It's hard to imagine that it's been an entire year since our first-ever Verge Hack Week, but here we are. It is once again August, the news cycle has once again slowed to a crawl, and it is once again incredibly hot outside. We're all going a little stir-crazy, and it's time to let loose.

Verge Hack Week is when we totally blow up our site and bring our product and editorial teams together to make weird experiments, chase crazy ideas, and generally rethink the way we tell stories on the internet using our site, our platform, and our editorial tools. You're going to see a lot of strange, potentially broken things hit the site this week, but that's why The Verge exists — to push the boundaries in front of an audience (that's you!) that's interested in the wild new experiences of the future.

you're going to see a lot of strange things

Hack Week is particularly exciting this year because The Verge team and the product team have both added tons of new people over the last year, and that means lots of new ideas. In fact, over the past year Vox Product has staffed up an entire Editorial Products team dedicated to new storytelling tools, and a big chunk of that team has traveled to New York to hang out during Hack Week. We've also got tons of Verge staffers in town, and I'm looking forward to watching everyone meet and hang out and create things together. We've also invited members of our product team and other people from around Vox Media to write for The Verge this week, which is one of my favorite parts of Hack Week.

Of course, The Verge is nothing without its readers, so all of you have responsibilities as well. We need tons of feedback on these experiments: how they're working, what you like, what you don't like, what you'd like to see. (Yes, we will flip comments on for Hack Week posts.) But we'll need your help explaining to people what the hell is going on during this week of insanity — we'll obviously label everything, but things are going to be a little nuts around here.

You'll start to see the first Hack Week posts go up later today, but in the mean time, check out last year's Hack Week posts, and tell us what you'd like to see in the comments below.