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This year's Moto 360 smartwatch could come in two sizes

This year's Moto 360 smartwatch could come in two sizes


Regulatory documents filed by Motorola in Brazil show a '360S' and '360L'

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Motorola could be preparing to launch two new versions of the Moto 360 smartwatch if regulatory documents filed to Brazilian telecoms agency Anatel are to be believed. Documentation for two Motorola products with the model numbers "360S" and "360L" have been submitted to the agency, which examines and approves all radio-equipped products before they can be sold in Brazil. Similar documentation was filed for the original Moto 360 before it launched in September last year, and last week, leaked video of what appears to be a second-generation Moto 360 found its way online.

All this suggests that Motorola could be preparing to launch a successor to the Moto 360 and that the next-gen Android Wear device will be available in two sizes rather than one. This would make sense considering that Apple has gone down a similar path with the Apple Watch, and that, like many smartwatches, the original Moto 360 received criticism for being somewhat large and unwieldy.

A screenshot of regulatory documentation filed to Anatel for the "360S." (Anatel)

Unfortunately, the documentation submitted to Anatel doesn't offer much more in the way of details. Both the 360S and 360L are listed as having Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE, and Wi-Fi connectivity, with the S apparently featuring a battery capacity of 270mAh and the L offering 375mAh of power. These two battery listings would make sense if the S and L were different sizes, and the capacities also happen to fall neatly on either side of the original Moto 360's 320mAh battery. While we can't, of course, say for certain that we're seeing is a pair of as-yet-unreleased Motorola smartwatches here, we'll certainly be watching' for more news from the company in the coming weeks.