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Taiwan will preserve adorable, typhoon-damaged mailboxes

Taipei Post 121

Italy has the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and now Taiwan has the Leaning Mailboxes of Taipei. This month, Typhoon Soudelor has been wreaking destruction upon Taiwan and the eastern coast of China, and among its victims have been a pair of Taipei mailboxes. The BBC reports that the green and red duo were stricken by a falling billboard, however they were not felled by the impact themselves: they remained standing, albeit tilted at an angle. The symmetry of their damaged state has turned the mailboxes into an online sensation in China, where people have celebrated their cute appearance as a couple resisting the storm's destructive force. Locals have also flocked to the site to have their picture taken alongside Taipei's newest tourist attraction.

It's heartwarming to see people finding romance in a random act of natural violence, and the Taiwanese authorities are embracing the whole thing. The national post office has promised to preserve the boxes as they are, though it will secure their bases so they don't tip over entirely.