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Samsung gives its premium headphones what they really need: a gold color option

(Yes, they look silver to us too)

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Samsung has been slowly building up its premium range of Level headphones over the past few months, hoping to take on Beats in this lucrative market with its own line of stylish and colorful audio products. Today, the South Korean company announced the latest addition to its line-up: the new Level On Wireless Pro headphones, offering Ultra High Quality Audio (promising sound quality better than CDs with the right audio format) and — wait for it — a gold color option. Because as Beats has shown, nothing says professional audio quality better than flashy design.

It's interesting that out of the whole of the Level range, only the new Pro wireless headphones are available in what Samsung is calling "premium gold." (The nearly identical Level On Wireless headphones have the same noise-canceling feature and touch-sensitive controls but only come in black, white, blue, and red.) And it's not that Samsung makes bad headphones at all —  we rather liked the company's over-ear Level Over headphones apart from the fact they were huge — but this shows how difficult it is to differentiate products, even within your own company. But when companies are signing up superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo to sell headphones, a gold color option alone isn't enough. The Ultra High Quality Audio better live up to its name instead.

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