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Our Alphabet company generator could help you build the next Google

Our Alphabet company generator could help you build the next Google


It's easy as A-B-C

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Want to feel old? It's been a full week since Google surprised the world by announcing that henceforward it would be known as Alphabet, a high-tech holding company in which Google would represent only one of its constituent parts. Businesses unrelated to Google's core mission of organizing the world's information are being spun out into slightly more autonomous units: the home automation company Nest, for example, or the futuristic X Lab.

But what will the company formerly known as Google look like when there's a business for every letter of the alphabet? There are tons of important companies yet to be started — and they're all going to need CEOs. You can't run Google itself — that one belongs to Sundar Pichai now — but there are lots of other projects incubating right now that need your attention. To claim one of them, simply use our handy tool below.