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Victor Frankenstein trailer: why do they have to be so hot?

Victor Frankenstein trailer: why do they have to be so hot?


You've never seen a mad scientist this sexy

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If you're like me, a few standard images probably pop into your brain when you think of Frankenstein: a mad scientist with white hair sprouting from his ears, his grotesque humpbacked assistant who lives to serve, a zombie-like monster with greenish skin and a terrible haircut. In short, it's a story completely devoid of hunks. Luckily, director Paul McGuigan is here to remedy all that with Victor Frankenstein, which hits theaters this Thanksgiving.

James McAvoy's Dr. Frankenstein is a roguish, passionate genius, one who wears puffy shirts with aplomb and builds mammoth steampunk monster machines. Daniel Radcliffe's Igor is a nebbish teen idol who has to sweep his long locks out of his eyes before helping the doctor with his experiments. They have immediate chemistry, and they trot around London engaging in witty banter and attending fancy parties. Forget the monsters and the inventive technology — the hardest part about suspending disbelief for Victor Frankenstein has to do with the extreme attractiveness of the two nerds at its core.

Victor Frankenstein is set to hit theatres on November 25th, and if you want to make a Tumblr shipping Frankie and Igor I suggest you grab a URL quickly.