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What song best describes the apocalypse that will kill you?

What song best describes the apocalypse that will kill you?


The End of Days has a soundtrack

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The end of the world has been predicted many different times in many different ways by many different people. A lot of these people are musicians. Rob Zombie offered "The Beginning of the End," Bright Eyes got lower than usual with "No One Would Riot for Less," and The Cure got literal with "End of the World." Even 'N SYNC's "Digital Get Down" was a sexual apocalypse of sorts.

The list could probably go on forever, but we don't have time for that, due to the impending End of Days that will surely destroy us all sooner rather than later. So here, a quick quiz to answer all your musical apocalypse questions, if "all your musical apocalypse questions" is just, "Which one will kill me?" and "What song will be playing when I die?"

Below you'll find apocalyptic tropes like nuclear war, natural disasters, and emotional chaos. The road you choose to take will give you answers, but it will also kill you. It always does.