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This is Fossil’s Android Wear smartwatch

This is Fossil’s Android Wear smartwatch

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Fossil, the watchmaker that's carved out a home at Macy's, JCPenney, and other retailers, is getting into the smartwatch game. The company previously signaled plans to release an Android Wear device, and today Fossil showed off its upcoming products. Yes, "products" because there's more than just a smartwatch headed to retail; Fossil is also working on a connected band and another, connected watch that's not quite as high functioning as a full-on smartwatch.

But the Android Wear timepiece is definitely the most interesting thing here. Fossil didn't offer a long glimpse, but you can see the watch's silver finish, leather straps, and yes — it's got the same black bar / "flat tire" look as Motorola's Moto 360.

Engadget Intel stuff

Fossil's collection of upcoming, connected devices. (Photo: Engadget)

Fossil says that all of the products will be available by the holidays. Specific pricing and release dates haven't yet been revealed. Each product is powered by Intel hardware, with today's demonstration coming at Intel's Developer Conference.