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TBS and Intel are developing a reality TV series about wearable inventors

Turner Broadcasting is working its next great reality series. According to The Wall Street Journal, the network is in the process of creating America's Greatest Makers, a new series backed by Survivor creator Mark Burnett and sponsored by Intel that will pit competitors against each other to create the next big wearable device.

America's Greatest Makers, which is currently slated to debut in 2016, will air on TBS, with clips appearing on other networks like TNT and CNN. The show is actually an extended for of Intel branded content. The show centers on the Intel Curie wearable module, which debuted at CES earlier this year. The aim of the show will thus be to show off the potential for the Curie, which is meant to allow anyone turn things like rings and handbags into wearable devices, while also allowing TBS to potentially capture audiences who increasingly consume content away from basic cable television.

Tech-focused reality shows are apparently in vogue

Greatest Makers is only the latest in a recent trend of reality shows aimed at tech savvy audiences. Back in 2012, Bravo launched Start-Ups: Silicon Valley to try to give an inside look at Valley entrepreneurship. It was swiftly cancelled. However, that didn't stop Syfy from greenlighting a new docuseries called The Bazillion Dollar Club last year, a show that's now due to debut next month. Meanwhile, General Electric is planning its own sponsored science show calledBreakthrough, with Arrested Development masterminds Ron Howard and Brian Grazer producing the project.