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Can you ID these busted wrist wearables?

Can you ID these busted wrist wearables?


Test your knowledge of terrible wearables with our Hack Week quiz

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Many years ago, tech companies began describing to us the wonder of wearables to come. Dick Tracy's famous two-way communicator wristwatch would be just the beginning, they promised. A Cambrian explosion of wrist-bound doodads would record our heartbeats, measure our steps, message our loved ones, and serve as omniscient hubs of every notification an app might ever want to send us. A more personal era of computing would make us forget the days we spent hunched over staring at our phones and introduce an era in which we hunched over to look at our wrists.

We are humbled and blessed to say that era has arrived. It has brought with it a cornucopia of barely distinguishable wrist gadgets that have sold by the low hundreds or thousands. But can you tell one from the other? Do you know your Vitaband from your Moto ACTV? Find out how prepared you are for the wrist-centric future by taking our quiz below.