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Watch a machine try to work out what's in the Star Trek intro

Watch a machine try to work out what's in the Star Trek intro


Jellyfish? Stove? Roundworm? Bubble? Velvet???

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Watching a neural network trying to work out what it's seeing in the opening credits of Star Trek: The Next Generation is both fascinating and kind of sad. In this video uploaded to YouTube by Ville-Matias Heikkilä, the pre-trained system tries to work out what planets, stars, and spaceship are, with its top three guesses displayed as text, and its best answer highlighted in green. It doesn't do great.

like an indecisive charades player

The flickering text makes the neural net seem like a particularly indecisive charades player, with the computer gabbling answers and switching back and forth between them, wrongly identifying a star as a volcano and the USS Enterprise itself as an odometer. As Heikkilä notes, though, this is because the neural net being tested doesn't seem to have had much experience at identifying "space stuff." It's worth remembering if you ever have to play Pictionary against a robot.