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Sony's Metal Gear Solid Walkman is a truly tasteful video game tie-in

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Sony / Konami

In celebration of the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Sony has released a bunch of Phantom Pain-branded electronics, including a new version of its high-fidelity Walkman, the super-expensive ZX2. The customized music player is listed for ¥140,000 on Sony's site (that's around $1,126 — the same as a normal ZX2), and has the game's title stamped on the front. It also comes with a leather case branded with the logo of the game's Outer Heaven mercenary group, as well as four preinstalled Phantom Pain wallpapers, a handful of HD Metal Gear songs, and original packaging.

The Phantom Pain-branded NX2 and NW-A16 MP3 players. (Sony / Konami)

If luxury MP3 players aren't your thing though, Sony is also offering similarly branded Xperia Z4 and Z3 Compact tablets, as well as a special edition J1 Compact smartphone and a less-pricey NW-A16 Walkman. All of these come with similar perks to the ZX2, including Outer Heaven branding (either on the rear of the device in the case of the NW-A16 and J1 Compact, or on limited edition cases for the tablets), preloaded wallpapers, and a handful of HD tracks.

The front and rear of the Phantom Pain edition Xperia J1 Compact smartphone. (Sony / Konami)