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Zorro is getting a post-apocalyptic reboot

Zorro is getting a post-apocalyptic reboot

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The masked outlaw Zorro is preparing to defend the poor from tyrants and despots in a new film set in the post-apocalyptic future, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The project, which has been in development hell for years, is titled Zorro Reborn, with shooting slated to begin in March 2016 at a Pinewood Studios facility in the Dominican Republic.

"Every generation has its own Zorro."

Apart from the futuristic setting, the reboot will reportedly stay true to the original character as created by pulp writer Johnston McCulley in 1919. The first Zorro — a nobleman of Californian and Native American descent — donned a cape and a mask to "punish cruel politicians" and "aid the helpless," appearing in more than 40 films since, including a pair of swashbuckling features in 1998 and 2005 starring Antonio Banderas. There's currently no information on which actors — or directors — will be stepping up to the plate for the reboot though.

"This has been a 15-year journey filled with ups and downs, but it has remained my passion project over the years," producer Mark Amin, CEO of Sobini Films, which is handling the project with Lantica Media, told The Hollywood Reporter. Lantica's Antonio Gennari added: "Every generation has its own Zorro hero and we’re proud to be able to introduce a new Zorro to this generation." At least no one has said the word "gritty" yet.