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This is the best look yet at Samsung’s next Gear smartwatch

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Samsung can't stop teasing its next smartwatch. After first showing a promo video for the Gear S2 at an event last week, Samsung has now put the clip online for all to see. The video shows a huge change coming to the Gear line. No longer is the watch chunky and rectangular — it's now circular, made of metal, and seemingly kind of stylish. There are a lot of quick looks at the interface here, all of which show something new, potentially confusing, but definitely a lot nicer than what the last series of Gear watches were running. Unfortunately, it's probably still on Tizen. Samsung says the watch will be introduced next month, on September 3rd; that is, so long as Samsung restrains itself from showing off the entire thing before then.

Oh, and in case you were wondering how the Gear S2 looks in a fashion shoot, Samsung has you covered.