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Would you like your new SSD in leather, wood, or steel?

Would you like your new SSD in leather, wood, or steel?

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When I was a kid, I'd have been happy to just have more than one gadget, but kids these days are a bit more demanding. Their electronic devices have to be portable, versatile, and they have to look amazing too. Call it the Moto X syndrome. Sating that same desire for ever-more-exotic materials in the storage space is a German company by the name of Brinell. It's already collected a Red Dot award (to be fair, almost everyone has one of those by now) for its earlier designs and it's gracing IFA in Berlin this year with a new set of updated solid state drives.


The soft nappa leather, available in a choice of black, brown, or white, is joined by a stainless steel option, a faux-carbon look, and a slightly more expensive Makassar ebony variant that also comes with its own leather pouch. Inside those fancied-up exteriors resides a Samsung EVO SSD capable of 420MBps transfers over a USB 3.0 connection. Prices start at €199 ($220) for the 250GB model and escalate up to €599 for a full terabyte of beautifully encased storage. The wooden case adds a €20 surcharge, so the most expensive drive Brinell has to offer will set you back €619 ($685). And if you're still questioning why you might want to wrap your electronics in leather, allow me to direct you to this Droid-Life demonstration of how well some leather ages. The leather Moto X is one of those rare pieces of technology that actually looks better with age.