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Final Fantasy VII has arrived on the iPhone and iPad

Final Fantasy VII has arrived on the iPhone and iPad

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Final Fantasy VII has final-ly arrived on iOS. The game is now on sale in the App Store for $19.99 and runs on both the iPhone and iPad, as long as you're using an iPhone 5S or later, an iPad 3 or later, or an iPad mini 2 or later. You may not be able to buy it just yet — we're getting a message saying that the game isn't available in the US store — but developer Square Enix's North American arm posted a YouTube video that says Final Fantasy VII for iOS is "available now," so the game should be available imminently.

The RPG's arrival on iOS is pretty wonderful news for Final Fantasy fans, as VII has long been considered one of the series' all time standouts. In fact, it's so popular that Square Enix announced at E3 that it's developing an HD remake for the PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, the iOS port is based on the PC version of VII, so don't expect the graphics to be any better than you remember. Good look saving Aeris this time around.

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