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This is a GIF of a BlackBerry Android slider phone

This is a GIF of a BlackBerry Android slider phone

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A month after @evleaks published one press render of BlackBerry's upcoming Android-based smartphone — yes, with a physical keyboard — he's back today with several new photos of the device. And there's even a GIF. According to Blass, the BlackBerry Venice is headed for all four major US carriers this November. The previous leaked render didn't offer any look at the device's keyboard, but today that changes.

Judging by the icons seen here, the Venice looks to be running a version of Android that's very close to Google's stock software. That keyboard also looks like a treat, though it also seems somewhat small and cramped thanks to the phone's slider design. But this is BlackBerry we're talking about — a company that's rarely if ever made a terrible keyboard. Both sides of the screen are curved a la the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Blass also tweeted images that appeared to show another BlackBerry device running Android. The second device doesn't have a slider, looking instead like the company's Passport, a big and square smartphone that would — if the leaks are accurate — now run Google's operating system.

Update August 19th, 9:45PM: Added tweet that appears to show Android-running Passport.