How do you spell the future of Google? Take our Alphabet personality quiz

It's been clear for some time that Google's founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, have grown bored of the basic search business on which they've built an empire. But the duo remains more than eager to spend the massive revenue generated by that division. Conquering other industries is less interesting than creating new ones, and so they continue to give the green light to numerous wild experiments that could, if successful, dramatically change our lives.

For a while these projects were run out of Google X, with some, like Calico, spun off into separate companies. But all the money being pumped into research spooked Wall Street. To appease investors clamoring for more financial discipline and yet to still retain the freedom to splurge on research, Google's leaders decided to create Alphabet. It's a holding company that silos Google's core business from a host of zanier ventures like self-driving cars and radical life extension.

Exactly which companies and projects will make up Alphabet and how it will operate differently than the original Google is still a mystery. And what better brain trust to explore the possibilities than Verge readers? Gaze into your crystal ball, hop on your Hyperloop, and let us know where this ship should head next.