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You should download this insanely fun GIF making app for iPhone right now

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It's Hack Week here at The Verge, so I'm going to keep this short: Giphy has a new iPhone app out today called Giphy Cam. It makes GIFs, and it's insanely fun to play with. That's probably extra true if you — like me — are typically awful at making GIFs by yourself.


Giphy Cam couldn't be much more straightforward. There's no social network, no feed, no browsing. It's literally just a camera, some filters, and a bunch of weird borders, backgrounds, and animations that you can add to your recording. Look through and you'll find GIF standbys — like the falling "Deal With It" shades — and plenty of weirder stuff, like a strange band of cats.

There really isn't anything more to the app. It's just a camera that lets you save an animation and share it elsewhere. Like here, for instance:

And the apparent office favorite: