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Nintendo cuts the 2DS' price to $99

Nintendo cuts the 2DS' price to $99


Starting August 30th

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The cheapest DS just got even cheaper. Nintendo has announced a price drop for its wallet-friendly 2DS handheld, bringing the cost of the device to $99.99, down from the original $129.99 price tag. And it's even cheaper than that price suggests, as new models of the handheld will also come bundled with the excellent Mario Kart 7 at no extra charge. First launched in October 2013, to coincide with the release of Pokemon X and Y, the 2DS was designed as an entry-level version of Nintendo's dedicated handheld. It's less expensive, but also strips away some of the device's features, including the glasses-free 3D and the iconic DS hinged design.

Yo-kai Watch

The 2DS price drop comes ahead of the holiday season, which will include several notable new DS games, including The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes in October, and Pokemon-like sensation Yo-kai Watch in November. The latter, in particular, is a big deal for Nintendo. It has already proven to be a massive hit in Japan, spanning multiple sequels, an anime, toys, and more; all told the franchise has earned more than $2 billion in merchandise sales and sold 8 million games. With the cheaper 2DS, Nintendo is clearly trying its best to replicate that phenomenon with the Western release.

The 2DS price drop goes into effect on August 30th.