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Destroyer's new album Poison Season is streaming now

Destroyer's new album Poison Season is streaming now


It's his first full-length in four years

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Fabiola Carranza

Indie rock vagabond Dan Bejar has been recording as Destroyer for almost two decades, and he's getting ready to release his 11th full-length on August 28th. Poison Season is his first LP in four years — it's following up 2011's beloved soft-rock odyssey Kaputt — and you can hear it in full below thanks to NPR Music. The album's been prefaced by singles like the rollicking, romantic "Times Square."

Bejar is notorious for carrying out radical stylistic changes between albums, and Poison Season doesn't change that trend. It leaves Kaputt's sleek, sophisticated grooves behind, instead toggling between brawny mid-'70s rock and meandering art-pop. There are only a few songs on the album with the immediacy of the best tracks on Kaputt or previous high points like Destroyer's Rubies, to say nothing of Bejar's potent work with The New Pornographers. But it's still worth your time, even if you're not the kind of person who'll flip the record on in the background while you're drinking fine brandy at sunset on a weekday night. (That's the sort of habit I associate with all serious Destroyer fans.)