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This backlit PC control panel is extremely dope

This backlit PC control panel is extremely dope

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We've all dreamed of controlling a Star Trek-style control panel, managing a computer's functions through physical buttons and tactile commands. Well, some crazy bastard on the internet has really done it, mounting a hundred-button backlit control panel above his multi-monitor setup. There are physical buttons linked to Chrome, Premiere, and Photoshop commands, a weapons system panel armed with sound effects, and a central panel he describes as "half-Tron, half-Luke's targeting computer." Also, it looks really cool.

There's even a panel for soothing media. The buttons below play a clip from Firefly, a clip from Hitchhiker's Guide, and a song from (who else) The Hold Steady.

You can see the full process here, but the short version is, it was a lot of work. As you can imagine, wiring the thing up was an insanely intricate task, and there was a lot of troubleshooting involved in making everything work.

Of course, even the work-in-progress version looks cooler lit up.

After the technical work was done, he needed brute force to mount the thing. "Had to borrow a block and tackle from my dad to lift the thing (it's very heavy)," he writes in the post. "Installed it all by myself because I am not a smart man."

But obviously it's worth it.