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Tesla and Airbnb partner to install chargers at prime rental locations

Tesla and Airbnb partner to install chargers at prime rental locations

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Tesla Motors has already invested millions of dollars in its attempt to build electric car charging stations around the world, and the company's latest move is to partner with home-sharing startup Airbnb to install chargers for Model S cars in select rental locations.

Earlier this year, Musk announced new features like Range Assurance and a Trip Planner, to ensure that Tesla owners would never stray too far from a charger, and this latest initiative seems to be another way to alleviate drivers’ "range anxiety."

Tesla's destination charging network is growing

But not every Airbnb host will be able to get a charger installed. To be eligible, Airbnb hosts must list an entire home, have had more than five bookings, and have an average rating of 4+ stars. Tesla will then select a minimum of 100 properties from the pool of applicants. And while eligible hosts will receive the $750 charger for free, they will still have to pay for the installation themselves — a service that can cost up to $900.

While charger installation costs are pretty steep, Tesla seems to be hoping that placing a charger at an Airbnb location will bring in enough extra rental traffic to make up for it — especially considering that Tesla owners will be expected to pay about $10 for a night’s charge.

Initially, the partnership will focus on Airbnb rentals in California, but the companies hope to expand the program globally; according to a map on the website, only 12 Airbnb rental homes are equipped with chargers so far.