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Watch internet randos play a real-life first-person shooter on Chatroulette

Watch internet randos play a real-life first-person shooter on Chatroulette

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How would you survive the zombie apocalypse? We've all thought about it, but British-based studio Realm Pictures has allowed a handful of internet randos the chance to live it. Using anonymous chat sites Chatroulette and Omegle, with some extra help from Skype callers, the studio put together a real-time choose-your-own adventure dressed up in the style of a video game first-person shooter. Players found on the webcam-to-webcam sites chose to begin the adventure by typing "start," before being tasked with giving directions to an actor with a camera strapped to his head, guiding him through a graveyard and garden packed with the undead.

The resultant video shows the range of approaches people used to escape the zombie-infested area, from the sensible — "hit him again to make sure he's dead!" — to the stupid. Some froze in the face of the shambling horde, while others, undoubtedly raised on a steady diet of video games, told the protagonist to check vases, graves, and globes for new weapons, extra ammunition, and grenades. Realm Pictures peppered their "real life first-person shooter" with other video game nods, including a quick-time event that asked players to press Q to dislodge a zombie that had leapt out of a bush, and a section featuring a mounted gun.

The studio coupled the video with a detailed making-of documentary, showing how its actors, sound engineers, and technicians rigged the whole process, and explaining how willing participants were discovered online. Not everyone made it to the end of the ride — caught in moments of indecision, some players killed the video's star, allowing him to be overcome by zombies in front of jammed doors and caught between groups. Those who did make it to the end got a special treat: the chance to use some heavy weaponry on a seriously impressive foe. Watch above to see how that goes.