New trailers: The Martian, The Daily Show, Victor Frankenstein, and more

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Trailers! They're like movies, but cut down to about 2 minutes and 30 seconds long, or about 1/44th the length of the average* movie. Sometimes there's music over them, much like how movies have music. There are characters, plots, action sequences, fights, breakups. All the drama of a movie! Just shorter. And about a bigger movie. Here are some that came out this week. They're all very nice, and you should watch them.

*probably not the actual average

The Martian

This is basically the original trailer for The Martian but with "All Along the Watchtower" overlaid. Which, really, works perfectly fine for me. The film's out October 2nd.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

It's hard to imagine The Daily Show without Jon Stewart, but Comedy Central wants us to start thinking about it. It released a first promo for Trevor Noah's takeover this week; it isn't much to look at, but it's a good reminder that The Daily Show will be back soon. Noah's run starts on September 28th.

Victor Frankenstein

Remember all of the action and explosions in Frankenstein? You don't? Well, Victor Frankenstein should make up for that. The movie is a reimagining of Frankenstein that involves Daniel Radcliffe with long hair and James McAvoy being half-crazy, half-suave. It comes out on November 25th.


Well this looks lovely. Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara star as two women falling in love in 1950s New York in Carol. This trailer is all about building mood, but it should be plenty to win you over. The film comes out in the UK on November 27th.

Every Thing Will Be Fine

Hey look! A new Wim Wenders film, and it stars James Franco, Rachel McAdams, and Charlotte Gainsbourg. Every Thing Will Be Fine appears to be a super moody and disconcerting movie about a writer, played by Franco, whose life begins to fall apart after a car accident. There's no US release date just yet.


I'm really not sold on Netflix's next series yet. Narcos seems like it's probably a semi-procedural crime drama that's mostly about DEA agents but pretending like it's about Pablo Escobar, because that seems way cooler. It also seems to only portray women as sex objects, and gratuitously so. Not really looking forward to that. It's all out on Netflix beginning August 28th.

The Witch

This looks awesomely creepy. I even flipped out a little at one point. The Witch is a horror film about farmers in 1630s New England. It looks like it could be quiet and scary in a way that most horror films aren't. It comes out next year.

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