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The Vergecast 167: Galaxy Note 5, Google OnHub, and Hack Week

Bloop Bloop

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As Verge Hack Week winds to a close, Chris Plante returns to The Vergecast. We also have surprisingly strong feelings about keyboards and no-so-surprisingly strong feelings about Apple Music. We also bid a fond farewell to Sam Sheffer at the Hype Desk.

There's also a bonus Vergecast coming soon to our Verge Extras channel: a discussion with Nilay Patel and several members of our unparalleled product team, who helped make all the weird stuff you saw at hack week possible. It's embedded below!

You may also notice that The Vergecast has its very own YouTube channel now! Subscribe, share, and Chromecast to your heart's content.

The Vergecast

Verge Extra: Hack Week!