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New Moto 360 seen near Motorola’s Chicago headquarters

All signs (even Motorola's own) point to a new Moto 360 smartwatch arriving in the near future, so perhaps it shouldn't be any surprise that the company has apparently been testing the unannounced device near its Chicago offices. One eagle-eyed Chicago commuter recently spotted a watch that closely resembles the leaks we've seen. But the rare sighting is all we've got; the people who snuck these photos were apparently unwilling to chat with the Moto 360 wearers. They're probably Motorola employees who wouldn't have given away much, anyway.

The most obvious difference between the new Moto 360 and Motorola's first model are the larger lugs, where the watch connects to its leather strap. Unfortunately these spy photos don't reveal any new software features or exciting functionality Moto's second-gen smartwatch may add to stand out from the Android Wear competition. And, they are further confirmation that the flat area, or "flat tire", at the bottom of the display will be present again. For more than that, we'll need to wait until Motorola's ready to announce the watch for real. Overseas regulatory filings hint that Motorola may offer the upcoming 360 in two sizes: small and large.