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Verizon might not support Samsung Pay at launch

Verizon might not support Samsung Pay at launch


The same old song

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Samsung Pay, the company's mobile wallet that works across all the latest Galaxy smartphones, will launch in the US on September 28th. Similar to Apple Pay's rollout, Samsung has all three major credit card providers and several key banks behind the platform. AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint are also listed among Samsung Pay's initial partners. But one big name is missing entirely: Verizon Wireless. The largest wireless carrier in the United States hasn't yet given its blessing to Samsung's payment tech and right now will only say that it's "evaluating" the service and will share more news as it's available.

The Verge contacted Samsung for a statement on Samsung Pay's standing with Verizon, and in an emailed reply, a spokesperson said "Samsung is in discussions with a number of partners to provide greater access and choice for customers. We will share more information when it becomes available." We're still over a month out from launch, so there's ample time for the two companies to come together on a deal.

Samsung Pay

Every major US carrier except for Verizon has already agreed to support Samsung Pay.

But this is familiar territory for Verizon, and not in a good way. For years, the carrier hindered Google Wallet's efforts in the US by blocking the app from its phones or, at a minimum, disabling NFC payments. And yet in 2015, Verizon will soon be backing Google's payment solution in a big way — and may cut off Samsung Pay in the process. Launching without Verizon in its corner wouldn't be great for Samsung; Apple didn't have to deal with this sort of roadblock when rolling out Apple Pay. Hopefully Verizon's "evaluation" will end positively and allow open competition between Apple and Samsung without middlemen handicapping things.