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See the incredible cars of Pebble Beach's multimillion-dollar auctions

See the incredible cars of Pebble Beach's multimillion-dollar auctions

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RM Sotheby's
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For those who bleed motor oil, there's no week more legitimately exciting than that of the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, an event where impossibly rare, cool, interesting, and expensive vehicles of all vintages come out by the hundreds. Some are there to race, some are just there to party, and others are there to trade hands — often to the tune of seven figures. Sometimes, it even stretches to eight.

Several major auction houses anchor big events around Pebble Beach, and I've compiled all of the results from two of the biggest — Gooding and RM Sotheby's — into a sortable and searchable table below. This was a particularly notable one, since RM Sotheby's had its vaunted Pinnacle Portfolio here — the most valuable single car collection ever to go up for auction, including a Ferrari Enzo that had been gifted to Pope John Paul II (it ended up fetching over $6 million). Prepare for your heart to stop as you peruse the list, particularly when you get toward the very top end where Ferraris are being sold for upwards of $16 million.

(Bonhams and Mecum also have substantial auctions here, but time simply ran out to bring their data into the table — you can see their results here and here.)