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Asus is making a snazzy special edition of the ZenFone 2 with 256GB of storage

That's a lot of storage!

The competitive $300 Android smartphone market is more about good performance than good design, and Asus' ZenFone 2 is no exception. But the company is trying to make progress on both fronts: today it announced the ZenFone 2 Deluxe Special Edition, which contains a whopping 256GB of internal storage and a trendy polygonal pattern on its backplate. (Well, it's at least trendy in the world of aggressive-looking computer peripherals.) The huge amount of storage is the real story here; for those keeping track, 256GB is exactly 15 times more than what Apple offers on an entry-level iPhone.

The special edition of the ZenFone 2 was introduced in Brazil, and there's no word yet about whether it will come to the US — though it would certainly be welcome here since the version introduced earlier this year received decent marks. We just hope Asus decides to free most of that crazy storage space from its heap of bloatware.

ZenFone 2 deluxe special